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nearly a month later!
Wow. So much for being a regular updater...I feel bad when I don't write for a long time, because I enjoy reading everyone else's entries so much and feel like I should reciprocate (though granted, I often have little to say...)

Israel was amazing. I put up pictures on facebook, but it's hard to do the country justice. The trip confirmed a lot of what I already knew: I love traveling, beautiful landscapes, new cultures and languages, and Judaism. But I also figured some other things out; for instace--I want to have a Bat Mitzvah (and very well may this year...more on that in the upcoming weeks). And that I consider myself a Jew above all other religions, and that I want my children to be brought up aware of Jewish customs and history. I don't say, "I want to raise my children as Jews" because I don't think religion should be force-fed to anyone...but I do know that I identify very strongly with parts of Judaism and want to pass that on.

The rest of break was good...since the snow was gone, Seattle seemed much more like home. Eric and I went up to his family's new cabin on Camano and spent the night, which was fun but a little eerie...imagine two people sleeping in a house with seven bedrooms. And then it was crazy packing time and back to Boston (where there was and is snow on the ground).

The semester is off to a good start. I'm taking Revolutionary Russian History, Women in 20th Century America, Judicial Politics, Spanish, and From the Big Bang to Humankind. All are at least likeable, and some very likeable indeed. I also got the job I applied for (yesss) with the Office of Alumni Relations, interviewing alums...and it pays really well, which is what I need. AND I got into the 3Ps (student theater organization) major production, Kushner's The Illusion. I play a servant (The Amanuensis) whose tongue has been cut out.

I just tried to spell tongue 5 times and failed 4 of them. I think I need to go to sleep.

But first: Eric visited this weekend (since Wed) and we had lots of fun. Took him to Bartley's in Harvard for burgers and we went to some parties and the infamous Winter Bash...I'm really excited about our spring break plans, which we came up with at the end of break. We're going to fly from Boston to Kansas City and then take an Amtrak train from Kansas to Santa Fe, NM, where my uncle lives. We'll spend the week staying with him, hopefully hiking and relaxing in the nice weather, and then head back to NYC for the weekend.

That's in less than 2 months...and then the semester is basically DONE. Whoa. I am mailing off my internship application to NPR tomorrow. Cross your fingers (and toes and eyes and everything, I need all the luck I can get) for me please...

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you drunk texted me "i love you!!w" hahahahhaha. the w was my favorite part.

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