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over-committedness and sporadic thoughts
So, yes...I did it again, and it seems far worse (or better?) than last semester. On top of my five classes, I have the show, my job, tour guiding, and internship hunting. Oh yeah, and just summer planning in general.

I just peeled an orange and now my hands smell like it, which is my biggest pet peeve...dammit. At home I always make Eli do it for me :)
I miss my little brother, who isn't so little...tonight is SAAS's winter ball on the Space Needle (jealous!). He's going with a date and I gave him all sorts of instructions about putting her corsage on and not clashing his tie with her dress, etc etc. I wish I could be there to see him all dressed up.

It's cold outside...I've been good thus far going to the gym--almost every day, and today's walk over was FRIGID. My abs will be sore tomorrow. And it's not even February yet! (Okay, fine, so it's tomorrow).

Ooh, good news. I got an interview for one of my summer internship options: The Constitution Project. It's a legal advocacy group based in D.C. that defends constitutional rights and enters a lot of amicus briefs in the Supreme Court. Yay for making the first cut...but now I have to wow them enough that they hire me (!!). It's next Friday.

Everyone should watch this all the way through because it made me so happy:

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wahahaha i want to cry after watching that

i knowwww isn't it the best!!

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