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I had my third and final interview this morning for the Constitution Project, a bipartisan legal thinktank in Washington, D.C. At the end of the interview, the director said, "I don't normally do this, but I would like to offer you the position."


I will be working in DC from June 1 to around August 8th doing legal research, coordinating press events, and writing op-ed pieces!
I am so excited.

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OH MY GOD. you are so fucking amazing! of COURSE he was like "we will make a special exception for you because you are the most talented person ever!"
hahahaha, I'm so proud. Maybe I'll have to come visit you there!
xoxoxoxooxox LOVE YOU.

thank youuu :)
and yes you are visiting me, it is official! good to talk to you today, xoxoxo

oh claire congratulations! ! :)

thank you darling :)
lots of love!

That is awesome. Because you are awesome. Now, are you unovercommitted enough for us to celebrate this?

thank you philip :)
ughhh sadly though i am still super busy. today marked the first day of tech for my show, which runs all next weekend. and then the weekend after that i'm gone on spring break. UGHGHGHHG. we WILL celebrate after break.

Hey, what about NONweekend times? Like, the 11th of March when I'll be at Tufts?

yes! lets do something that night. i have an exam due the next day, but hopefully i will get my game together and be done by then :) i will tell austin.

You are so amazing!!! Will you be in Seattle at all before June 1st, or do I have to wait until August 9th to give your talented self a hug?

aww thanks :)
i expect you to visit me!!! i will be in seattle from may 7 until late may so YES of course you will see me! love youuu

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Holy cow. You are so accomplished. Well done.

You start on June 1, eh? I bet you know more Con Law than me by about, oh, June 21. July 1, at the latest.

haha, thanks gavin!
we will have to compare notes. and hey, you and julie should come out east this could see mermo, john, me, the obazas, and ALLISON in one fell swoop!

Potentially, yes. I'm in search of my own summer job (likely something poverty-law-related, at the highly unsuccessful rate my search for paid employment is progressing) (don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong, and in fact much that is very noble, about public interest work, it's just that it would be nice to make some money this summer), which, once obtained, will promptly cut into my ability to travel to the D.C./Baltimore area. But that's a great point of how many relatives are now in the area... including Allison.

I haven't used this LJ account in ages. Surprising to see how much I look like Gollum in my userpic.

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