my heart won't stay entirely in this ribcaging

take it from me

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hi there...
...i'm back! at least for a little while, since i won't be updating my study abroad blog while i'm home.

i wrote this on the plane last night, and i think it comes across as more angsty than it should, but whatever.

What am I going to do with my life? What's too big or too small? Should I stay on the East Coast? Move to a new place? Go to law school? Become a journalist? Try to get a job with Obama 2012? Pretend my life is a real version of The West Wing? Get married? Join AmeriCorps or even Peace Corps? Travel? Live at home? Sell out to the big firms and make six figures in my mid-20s? Or go into public defense and make under $40,000 for my entire career? When will I get a kitty? How long will I have my family around? What will happen to high school and college friendships? Who knows best? Where is the door to power? How can I compete with men in the professional world, AND WIN, without becoming a cold-hearted bitch? Will I always be a romantic? How do I know if and when he's the one? What will America look like when I'm 30? Who will I lose? What will find me? When will clarity arrive, and will I know it when I see it? How can I make something important happen? Am I an adult? What does it take to change someone's mind, on a big scale?

I want to find out.
I'm back until Jan 7th. Call me :)


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